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ENDO - Active Loudspeaker with Manger Transducer

ENDO 's reproduction of music and noises is natural and precise. Its heart is the revolutionary MANGER®- bending wave transducer. Its membrane is radiating sounds as our inner ear is receiving them. The transducer is a point source and works from 300Hz to 30kHz.
ENDO is a full active speaker. The four woofers are mounted on the opposite sides of the cabinet to achieve force cancelling. Due to the electronics with compensated phase response and the geometry, the combination of the MANGER Transducer with the woofers is totally seamless.

ENDO can be used as a low size speaker for the main channels but it can be combined with ONDA as a center channel in a surround setup. The top module can be used without the bass module for the rear channel, but also for the center channel.

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