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Klangwerk - Swiss Made: Elegante Aktiv-/ und Passivlautsprecher für höchste Ansprüche. Optimale Integration in unterschiedliche Räume. Speziallösungen. photo

MANGER - s1 - Reference Active Loudspeaker

The Reference from MANGER, the manufacturer of the famous Manger Sound-Transducer is the s1. It derives technically from their acclaimed Studio-Monitor c1 which was rated by a professional review as "the best monitor in the world". The MSMs1 is an attractive solution and fits with its timeless shape well in different interiors. We are responsible of its design. Who looks for a passive solution finds the optically identical models p1 and z1.

The Manger Transducer is a perfect point source and reproduces sounds very natural. It works similar to our inner ear and covers a range from 300Hz up to 30kHz. It was invented 40years ago but was never better integrated than in the new active solutions from Manger.

We have the s1 and p1 on display in our showroom in Zurich.

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